So you don’t have the budget for your site, area or recreational lighting…..
Let West Lease Lighting provide that for you!

Our Office is located at 2447 Wilson Road, Newberry, South Carolina.
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For electrical site lighting and recreational lighting and leasing contact Sabin West


West Lease Lighting LLC

So you don’t have the budget for your site, area or recreational lighting…..Let West Lease Lighting provide that for you!

West Lease Lighting is meeting the needs of Schools and Businesses by offering facility, parking and recreational lighting in a lease package. 

West Lease Lighting will provide and install a full electrical package for your project and lease that package back to your business or institution.  As you pay for this monthly, you are buying your package!

With the same superior service, quality workmanship and professional service we can install ballfield and track poles and lights, gym lighting, parking lighting, generators and most any electrical lighting need.

With a Professional Electrical Engineer on staff, West Lease Lighting can design and install your project with direct access to the top of the line lighting fixtures, lighting systems, architectural and decorative poles, bollards, and landscape lighting
Some installations may require low impact earthwork – We can direct bore or plow utilities with little visible impact on your landscaping, asphalt surfaces or curbing.

Specially Equipment for projects is owned and operated by West Lease Lighting:

Our company maintains an impeccable record of Safety on and off the Job Site.  Employees attend monthly safety meetings and training.  West Electrical has a strict Drug Free policy and drug tests employees, as well as, performing back ground checks on new employees.  Employees are required to have personal safety equipment (hard hats, safety glasses, etc) for each job.

High Lights of a 2 Year Job History: